Project Bag Flat Bottom Dumpling: Elegant Green Argyle Black Ruffle Gold Braid


Our "Touch of Class" Flat Bottom Dumpling Project Bag. The flat bottom allows more yarn! Not too big, not too small, will hold approximately enough yarn for at least a large shawl project.

Made from the finest quality, high-end upholstery fabrics and accents. Our "Touch of Class" bags are not your standard whimsical bag. "Touch of Class" are high-end, beautiful and sophisticated.

Approximately 6" wide across front, 5" wide across side, with 5" of usable interior depth.

Fully lined and reversible, you'll be hard pressed deciding which side to display first! This bag is of our HEAVY WEIGHT, which means bag can stand by itself empty.

This bag features a gorgeous deep emerald green & gold Argyle Weave outside top, with a bottom of textured Antique Satin Weave stripes of gold, bronze and pewter. The two front fabrics are accented with a soft Chiffon black ruffle & gold braid detail. Inside is the same textured Antique Satin Weave stripes of gold, bronze and pewter. Black single-stitched detail. Black gloss ring. (Sorry, photo shows wrong color ring, it really is Black).

This is class, not timid to show off in public! Made to last through all your knitting or crocheting projects!

Choose the option to include a color coordinated Needle Keeper of our choice for $2.00 less than full price!

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