Can't stop creating...

Hello. I’m Claudia and I’ve been giving my imagination life since I was 6 years old in my backyard making a pet dog out of carpet scraps and twigs.

I find I have a need to put to life what’s in my head. I get an idea, a ‘big picture’ and it’s a thrill to try to bring it to life. Mixing colors and textures, materials and methods to finish with a mini work of art, that’s what feels so good. More times than not what’s in my head is not what comes out. As I’m creating, new ideas and effects always surface, teasing my imagination. If you look around my store you’ll see no two items the same, yet each has a harmony of it own.

My hope is each creation finds an owner who just adores it. I find such satisfaction and solace in my creations, each item is a part of me and I’m very picky when I put my name on it, it has to be unique, beautiful, and of course makes you proud to wear/own it!.

My best friend Larry (and husband of 39 years), and I live in the mountains above San Diego in an inspiring wooded sanctuary of our own. I have a fabulous "toys" which allow me to create at will. Larry is a great support, he’s always encouraging me to stretch my creativity and have fun with all my toys.

We are truly blessed.

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